After Sales

Startup & Commissioning

  • Commissioning is a vital aspect, which makes it extremely important to ensure it completed before operations begins, and at this stage Mase Gulf team is always present as part of our standard procedure because it will negate project risks and assist in the achievement of performance goals.
  • Field testing and commissioning conducted by our team as per manufacturers recommended steps and procedures and in line with specifications and customer requirements.

Warranty & Extended Warranties

  • Mase Gulf is providing a warranty or a guarantee by the manufacturer of each product supplied beside a general warranty of performance by Mase Gulf in case of solution offering, and the warranty can be attested by the chamber of commerce in Saudi Arabia.
  • It assures our esteemed customers that the product is of a good quality and performance, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Beside the standard warranty which differ in duration from a product to another, we are offering the choice of extended warranty for a much longer time ensuring you don’t have to worry in the event of a product malfunction throughout the future.

Maintenance contracts (preventive and corrective)

  • If your HVAC products isn’t working properly, it can lead to more than mere discomfort. Ignoring regular maintenance can turn into costly repairs and replacement.
  • Here’s why having your equipment inspected and maintained should be a priority.
  • Mase Gulf is offering maintenance contracts at a very competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction and to assure products sold are maintained to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Preventive Maintenance:
    • Monthly or yearly commitment.
    • Periodic site visits for minor and major activities.
    • Life cycle monitoring.
    • Optimization of shutdown by elimination of risks of failure.
    • Efficiency monitoring and system overlook.
  • Corrective Maintenance
    • Immediate response to corrective actions.
    • Defining root causes.
    • Developing solutions.
    • Fast implementations.

Spare Parts & Repair

  • Spare parts are vital assets for maintaining productivity.
  • Having spare parts readily available allows us to meet and exceed our client expectations.
  • Beside availability we in Mase Gulf believe that spare parts list and prices should be available for all our customers and part of our customers assessment prior to any purchase.
  • We ensure that our list prices are at the most competitive price and subjected to only minor yearly inflation.